Price Guide

At DermoMedix, your initial consultation is free and carries no obligation.  Follow-ups are included in the treatment price.

The following are guideline prices:

Muscle relaxing injections

  • 1 zone –  frown lines:  £150
  • 2 zones – frown lines and forehead lines:  £190
  • 3 zones – frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet:  £240

Dermal fillers

  • Glabellar, nasolabial folds, mouth area and lips:  from £220
  • Fine facial lines:  from £180

All treatments include local anaesthesia as required

Chemical peels

  • Glycolic peels:  from £60
  • TCA peels (course of 2 treatments):  from £190

Vein removal

  • From £60 a session

Excess sweating

  • From £120 depending on the number of areas testing positive for excess sweating

Minor surgical procedures

  • Prices vary depending on the procedure.
    Please contact us for further details