Vein removal

Broken veins – sometimes known as thread veins, varicose veins or spider veins – can be a problem for both men and women.  Women, however, tend to suffer more from thread veins on their legs, while broken veins on the face can be an issue for both sexes.

Wherever you have thread veins, at DermoMedix, we can help you reduce or remove them.   If your veins are very thick, we may advise you to see a specialist vascular consultant surgeon.


Abnormal veins can be treated by injecting a sclerosing solution which causes them to shrink.  This is known as sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy is usually used for larger thread veins (telangiectasiae) and smaller varicose veins on the legs.  The solution also closes the ‘feeder veins’ deeper under the skin that cause the spider veins to form.  This makes a recurrence of the spider veins less likely.

What your sclerotherapy treatment will involve

The procedure is relatively pain-free as it involves injections with a tiny needle and normal activities can be resumed immediately.  You’ll be asked to wear compression stockings for several days to help close the veins.  When the stockings are removed, the area will look bruised and the veins may look worse before they get better.

Sclerotherapy has a 70 – 80% success rate, with veins fading gradually over a six month period. Many people require two or more sessions – separated by several weeks – for the treatment to be fully effective.